Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Century Tuna Vienna Sausage Review: The Verdict

Every Filipino knows Century Tuna, I’ll bet to that. My family is a die-hard fan of its product line. So when I found out that they are hosting contests on their facebook page, I joined. And luckily, I bagged a month supply of VIENNA SAUSAGE GOODNESS…Thanks again Century Tuna and to the Judges who picked my entry, you’ve got high standards and taste harharhar.

I have always loved Century Tuna flakes in oil in salads, sandwiches, and just as it is. Every domestic diva should always stack-up on Century goods, just like a wise girl scout; always ready. But vienna sausage is a new product from Century so this is another gastronomic-experience! 

The very day I claimed my prize, I immediately scrutinized the product. With its attractive purple label, the can would definitely have a catchy-look on supermarket shelves. The net weight, nutrition information, expiration date, ingredients, serving suggestion and company contact details for feedback are all indicated on the can's exterior.

The can contains fourteen (14) sausages made from tuna, which is a natural source of Omega 3 DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), an essential fatty acid that cannot be synthesized by the human body but is vital for normal metabolism. The omega 3 benefits include better brain development, higher intelligence, a healthier heart, less depression, fewer headaches, freedom from joint pain and protection against heart disease, prostate and breast cancer, diabetes and many other health benefits.

Healthy isn’t? So all you need to do is open the can, drain it first, fry, and then serve, as easy as that! I love the savory aroma of fried sausages! Grab some rice and you’ll have breakfast, lunch or dinner in an instant!  It is also great in spaghetti sauces, sandwiches, salads and fried rice! Vegans and non-vegans alike would surely adore this.

And the taste? It’s from Century Tuna, what do you expect? If it’s from Century, it must be VIENNA-good! Looking forward to try the Century Tuna Hotdog! Until then! Chow!

Get updates of Century Tuna products and promos on their website: http://www.centurytuna.ph, and facebook page : Century Tuna Superbods


  1. hi ilang vienna sausage ang napanalunan mo?? 48 cans ba?

    1. hello, sorry for the very late reply, I can't remember actually, I think it was 47 or 48 not quite sure...